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In the end, all case studies come down their basic elements: the challenge, the solution, and the results. While each case and it's surrounding circumstances is different, some things remain the same. Simply put, our team’s success is due to our numerous years of experience and unparalleled service offerings. Below you will find some of the case studies highlighting these successes as told through print, television, film and on the web.





PAIN & GAIN {Three-part series published in the Miami New Times in 1999}

A chilling story of kidnapping and murder, this case was investigated and solved by Ed Du Bois, III, and led to the successful prosecution of all 11 members of the Sun Gym Gang, two of whom received double death sentences. 

PAIN & GAIN - The Sun Gym Murders (Part 1)

PAIN & GAIN - The Sun Gym Murders (Part 2)

PAIN & GAIN - The Sun Gym Murders (Part 3)



{Details regarding incident involving Miami Dolphin Bryan Cox and NFL Security Representative, Ed Du Bois, III published in the Miami Herald in 1993}

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FREE FOR THREE MINUTES {Miami Herald 1984}

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DUBOIS TO GET PINDER REWARD {Investigators, Inc. Founder Ed Du Bois, Jr. -1955}

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Homicide Miami: The Millionaire Killers by Peter Davidson

This book is was written by Peter Davidson about the Sun Gym Gang and their victims. It chronicles Investigators, Inc's President Ed Du Bois as the investigator on the case. The Amazon description of the novel: The deaths of wealthy Miami entrepreneur Frank Griga and his exotic dancer girlfriend began the unraveling of the most diabolical death-for-dollars plot in history. A gang of thugs targeted wealthy Floridians for kidnapping, extortion, and death— until the authorities jumped into the fray.


Billy Freeman, Florida Keys Sherrif by AnnieLaura Jagger

This book is a biography written about Sheriff William A. Freeman, Jr. (1929-1989), who served three terms as Sheriff of Monroe County, FL from 1977 through 1989.  Ed Du Bois, III, was a special consultant to Sheriff Billy Freeman throughout his entire term & subsequent death in 1989.  Upon his election, Freeman met with Du Bois and announced that he had inherited one of the country's most corrupt police agencies and enlisted Du Bois to come in and "clean house" no matter what the cost.  Thirteen months later, Du Bois successfully accomplished this rare and tremendous feat bringing honest law enforcement back to the citizens of the Florida Keys. 


Billy Freeman, Florida Keys Sheriff



Confessions of The World's Greatest Gate Crasher: Dion Rich by Charlie Jones

This book was written by Charlie Jones for Dion Rich, the self-professed, greatest gate crasher in the world. He dedicates a chapter in the book to Ed Du Bois, III complimenting him for catching Rich crashing a Super Bowl game. This apprehension led to Rich agreeing to never attempt to crash any future NFL events. Click here to read the chapter.




The Quiet American, A Biography of George Wackenhut by John Minahan

George Wackenhut, of Wackenhut Security, was the original partner of Ed Du Bois, Jr., the founding President of Investigators, Inc. Du Bois, Jr. and Wackenhut, along with J. Kenneth Altschul and William Stanton, formed Special Agent Investigations. In 1955,  a rift occured between Du Bois, Jr. and Wackenhut and a professional split took place resulting in the establishment of Investigators, Inc. The biography of Wackenhut offers a reflection on the early days of the investigative business and the forming of Investigators, Inc.  


Next To Hughes by Robert Maheu and Richard Hack

Robert Maheu, a former client of Investigators, Inc., chronicles his first-hand account of his professional relationship with Howard Hughes. After Hughes mysteriously disappeared from Las Vegas, he hired Ed Du Bois, III and Investigators, Inc. to find him. This led to a worldwide search for Howard Hughes.



The Crime Watchers by Betty Ann Good

Betty Ann Good started a grassroots battle that led to not only safer neighborhoods in her home state of Florida, but a national phenomenon that eventually spread to other countries. The author’s story takes readers through slices of American history, from the 1935 hurricane that wiped out the Florida Keys, to a gangster shootout at her grandfather’s lake house, to U-boats alongMiami’s coast during World War II, to the presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy, to a scandal involving Miami’s judges, and more. Ed Du Bois, Jr., Ed Du Bois, III and his late wife, Sissy Du Bois are discussed in the memoir.






PAIN & GAIN - The Sun Gym Murders  

{This one-hour, true crime documentary features Ed Du Bois, III as the main storyteller describing the grizzly details of his five-month investigation of the Sun Gym Gang.  The feature film titled PAIN AND GAIN is being produced by Paramount Pictures,  directed by Michael Bay with a scheduled nationwide release Spring 2013. See Upcoming Movie}

TruTV - Rich and Reckless (Muscle Bound)




PAIN & GAIN {Paramount Pictures} directed by Michael Bay

Pain & Gain is an upcoming feature film with a scheduled release for Spring 2013. The film is based on the three-part series published by The Miami New Times of the same title. The film stars veteran actor, Ed Harris as Ed Du Bois, III, along with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg starring as Sun Gym gain members. Ed Du Bois, III has a cameo role in the film, playing a Miami-Dade police detective in a scene with Ed Harris. Filming took place in Miami, Florida from March -June 2012. Click HERE for more information about the film.




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