Service of Process


Service of Process is completed utilizing our experience and knowledge of all applicable laws, which ensures proper and timely service. We understand that the serve is not complete until the affidavit is in your hands, so once the individual is served you will receive an email notification of completion of service. We will then deliver a copy of the notarized affidavit via email and mail the original.


Service of Process includes:


  • Summons & Complaints

  • Subpoenas

  • Servers equipped with cellular phones and mobile email

  • Returns promptly filed with the court

  • Copies of returns faxed/emailed at no additional charge

  • Onsite paralegal familiar with the legal system

  • Licensed investigators available to fully manage any hard-to-locate individuals

  • No prepayment required for attorneys

  • Advancement of witness fee checks

  • No mileage fees

  • No additional charge for multiple attempts



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