Corporate / Executive Terminations

The termination of an employee is a very difficult undertaking for any employer and equally as difficult on an emotional level for the employee.  The termination of an employee, on any level, is and should be of the utmost concern to any employer who could never predict what an employee's reaction would be.   


First and foremost and prior to a termination, an employer needs to take into consideration 3 key issues:


* His/her own safety


* The safety of their employees


* The departure of the employee without instance, to include, but is not limited to, violence and/or the destruction or acquisition of company information, equipment, etc.



Investigators, Inc. continues to successfully assist many large corporations and small companies in reducing and in most cases, preventing the risk of danger in the termination process, including the retrieval, inventorying and safe return of company computers, advertising materials, vehicles, etc.

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