Intellectual Property / Trademark Infringement

Investigators, Inc. is an integral part of the investigative process involved in the prevention of intellectual property infringement and the enforcement of the legal rights of our clients.  Investigators, Inc. has and still continues to protect the rights of many large & nationally known companies and products.


Intellectual Property infringement is the violation of property rights regarding Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks.


Trademarks ~ are legally exclusive, distinctive designs, symbols or mottos, which identify an individual, a company, its products or services.   Trademark infringement occurs when the “infringer” uses the same trademark or a confusingly similar reproduction to promote it services, sales and/or products.


Patents ~ are the legally exclusive rights given to inventors in exchange for public disclosure of the invention.  The exclusive rights, in most countries, prevent others from making, using, selling and/or distributing the invention without permission.


Copyrights ~  are the legally exclusive rights given to the creators of original works, who are also given the right to be credited for the work and who can determine who & how the work is used and who may benefit from it financially.


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